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Saturday, March 20, 2010

wat is frens for??

dua2 bwa mksud yg sme..ak taw..hehe
ap sbnrnya gna kwan dlam idop kte
it's just 4 make our life filled??
or frens is just a collection??

watever how they look like or watever they behave just accept them as wat they r
ye,memg..kalu dy jhat x leh lah nk trime jhat dy tue kan
but dat thing can be tolerated,rite..

for all dis while,kta slalu skit hti lau kwan buat hal..
ckp diowg x pdulikan kte lah
lau jmpe kwan bru, tros tggalkan kte lah
but, prnah x kte pkir mebi kte neyh prfect sgat kew??
x prnah buat slah kew??
ello,we r human ok..not a malaikat
nobody perfect..

so,lpas neyh tgk blik dri kte
mne perlu ubah, kta ubah
mne yg x baek, buang prangai tue
it's not being hypocrite but we r trying to be a better person..

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