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Sunday, March 7, 2010

hate this stuff

wat stuff act it is.
i try to act normal
but that normal resist on me
maybe i was too sensitive
or people surround me were too mean towards me
i was too tired of this

do noe how to explain
lau skali dua ckap ak still leh trime
maybe for you people,it just a joke
tp lau da byk kali ckp
bnda yang same plak tue ak x leh trime
teruk sgat ke ak neyh?
ape owg laen x wat cam ak wat?
ade korg ckp bnda yg sme kt org laen?
don't mind my business ok
dis is my life

i bet org yang bca bnda neyh msti ckap ak mcam2.
kras kpala+degil+x nk dgar nshat+pntgkan dri..everything
ok,maybe all u people are rite
my bad..
i'm trying to change dat
but should i?
change ourselves for da sake of others
got no idea

watever it is
i do not want this matter become an issue
big issue smpaikan kte hlang krasian
ak x nk bnda2 neyh ptskan prshabatan kte
or wat ever rlationship dat we have
got to think throughly over this

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